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Rural Living for Geeks, part 0: Moving to the Country

My wife Sarah and I have been dreaming of buying some rural land and building a house to escape suburbia. We recently placed an offer on a parcel of land not too far from our current home in Indiana, and

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Using ExcelDataReader with AutoMapper to create lists of strongly-typed data

I recently needed to import some data from an Excel spreadsheet in my C# app and wanted to avoid the Office interop assemblies and OleDbReaders if at all possible. I found the excellent ExcelDataReader, which is a pure-.NET class for

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Don’t sign that cell phone contract

Cell phone sales in the USA have typically revolved around hooking the customer with low-cost (or free) subsidized phones in return for signing an expensive, long-term (usually two-year) contract for service. This is bad for customers in many ways. You

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Reboot in progress…

Ohai! After mnesarchum being Beginners dormant for several (And years wholesale nfl jerseys I’ve El decided to reboot my favor blog. I’ve archived cheap mlb jerseys most of 大葉ナナコさん「安産バイブル」 the old posts, though plastyczny they’re cheap nfl jerseys still to

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